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5D Diamond Painting Fees Super sale free Butterfly Kits for Full Adults Drill

5D Diamond Painting Butterfly Kits for Adults Full Drill,Diamond


5D Diamond Painting Butterfly Kits for Adults Full Drill,Diamond


Product Description

LVIITIS Diamond Painting Kits

diamond painting butterflydiamond painting butterfly

LVIITIS Diamond Painting

currently the most popular 5D Diamond Painting. The Painting arts can explore and cultivate the artistic talents of you and your children, cultivate your and your children's hands-on creative ability, and experience the sense of accomplishment of creating exquisite artworks with your own hands. let everyone can be an artist.

✔Diy 5d diamond painting kits for adults are the new popular products, easy like paint by numbers and more beautiful than cross stitch kits

✔Painting with diamonds kits is a way to having an enjoyable activity. With diamond dotz it's easy to create beautiful gem art for home decor

✔Diamond art kits for adults can also be a great gift idea for your loved ones who will use this diamond art painting as wall art for family wall decor

✔Simply wall hanging this large diamond painting kits for adults full drill to make your room more beautiful.


  • Do NOT expose too much-unfinished area of canvas in case of viscosity reduction.
  • Keep your hands and the canvas clean amp; dry.
  • To avoid creasing, do NOT fold the canvas.
  • Keep the rhinestones away from children under the age of 5 to avoid being swallowed by them accidentally.

How to start your bead painting?

diamond art kitsdiamond art kits

jewel painting amp; bead painting steps:

1.Lift the release paper from the corner of the canvas(note: only need lift a small part of the release paper to avoid other regions sticking dust.)

2.Check serial numbers that need to be drilled corresponding to the canvas symbol.

3.Firstly place the corresponding diamonds in-tray.

4.Lift the transparent film on the surface of the painting mud, take a Point diamond pen and stick a bit of mud gently, so that it can easy to drill.

6.Stick the diamonds onto the corresponding canvas lightly, if the position is not well placed, you should properly adjust the position of the diamond.

7.Use book or your hand to press the diamonds to ensure it's stoutness.

5D Diamond Painting Butterfly Kits for Adults Full Drill,Diamond



Probably the closest place to heaven on earth for most beer geeks is Belgium. Undoubtedly, Belgium is the country of beer. Which other one can offer more than 1220 beer brands and such a diversity of brewing techniques including Lambic, Kriek and Trappist?

To satisfy the quality requirements of this enormous variety of beers, Belgian maltsters have developed over the centuries an entire spectrum of base and specialty malts. Belgium is a malting paradise, exporting its malts to more than 160 countries all over the world. The unique properties of Belgian malts are essential to all famous Belgian beers just as much as the unique brewing processes.

Belgian malts offer qualities and performance profiles that differ markedly from malts produced anywhere else. They have unique characteristics in terms of flavour, clarity of wort, colour, yield, and other parameters.


Castle Malting, the oldest malting plant in Belgium and one of the oldest in the world, located in the vicinity of the splendid castle of Beloeil, offers a wide range of base and specialty malts of the highest quality, allowing brewing any beer style from Pilsen and White, to the darkest Abbey and various organic beers.

Cherishing the centuries-old Belgian malting traditions and introducing bold, innovative policies, the Castle Malting® management and team have managed to create a truly unique company able to respond to malt demands of any kind – from those of a homebrewer to the customized requirements of craft and industrial breweries.


The Castle Malting® production process combines the traditional over nine days malting technique with a revolutionary roasting technology. It is highly efficient without losing its quality focus.

Traditional and modern expertise and the application of the best environmentally friendly practices result in an excellent product in terms of quality, with minimization of any adverse environmental impact.


Our range of products is the broadest amongst Belgian malsters and includes standard base and specialty malts, customized base and specialty malts as per the customer’s individual specifications, as well as a full range of organic malts for any type of beer or whisky a creative brewer or distiller might possibly think of. We also offer peated malts in complete range of phenol intensity for brewing and distilling.

Applying a revolutionary malt roasting technology developed and implemented by our company, we are happy to offer you a great selection of caramel and roasted malts with exceptional taste and aroma properties.

Moreover, Castle Malting® offers comprehensive services to its customers by supplying a full range of other beer and whisky ingredients and providing technical support by Belgian brewing experts.

The quality of our products and services is highly valued by more and more brewers all around the world. More than 3600 brewers in 147 countries have chosen to brew with malt produced by Castle Malting.

Castle Malting® is proud to offer you:

- More than 100 types of base and specialty malts for any type of beer: from Pilsen and Wheat Beers to Porters and the darkest Abbey Beers;
- Caramel and roasted malts with exceptional taste and aroma properties, produced according to a revolutionary technology;
- A wide range of Organic Malts for 100% organic beers;
- Malts produced according to your own specifications;

- More than 200 varieties of standard and organic HOPS, leaf and in pellets T90, from all over the world;
- SPICES for more aromas in your specialty beers;
- Belgian CANDY SUGARS and other natural sugar products;
- CROWN CAPS in various colours (standard and personalized);

- Free technical support and counselling from Belgian brewing experts;
- A state-of-the-art laboratory to carry-out the analyses of your beer;
- Trainings at our pilot microbrewery, where you can test our malts in your beer recipes and create new beers with the assistance of our specialists.


Castle Malting® guarantees:

The highest quality standards and the most attractive prices possible under the current market conditions.

100% traceability of malt – from the barley field up to the malt delivered to your brewery, applying and complying with The European Decree UE 178-2002 of the European Council regarding traceability;

A complete absence of any genetically modified organisms in all our malts, as defined by European Directive 2001/18/EC, which means that all our malts are GMO FREE guaranteed;

A traditional malting process of over 9 days - a solid warranty of high modification of the grain and top quality premium malts!

A strict conformity with the internationally accepted HACCP requirements (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) currently in force and the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System;

Quality analyses of barley and finished malt carried out in our state-of-the-art laboratory and confirmed by the biggest brewing laboratories in the EU;

Analysis sheets for malt delivered to you are available for printing in the section Services (Malt Analysis);

Malt available for ordering in whole grain and crushed form;

Malt deliveries in any type of packaging: bulk, 25kg bags, 50 kg bags, 400 – 1,250 kg Big Bags. Wrapped-up pallets of 1,000 kg (25 kg bags) and of up to 1,250 kg (Big Bags). All types of packaging - in 20’ or 40’ containers for export;

Free technical support with valuable counselling from experienced consultants;

The possibility of using our microbrewery and laboratory for testing our malts and creating new beer recipes.

We are at your disposal for the development of any type of malt as per your own specifications.

Discover the malts that make the world-famous Belgian beers unique!

Consult our website for any information you may need and never hesitate to contact us with any additional question or request!


We are a dedicated team of true professionals committed to offering you the best products possible and services of an impeccable standard. We aspire to become the dream team in the hearts and minds of every and each of our customers.

We operate under the leadership of Jean-Louis Dourcy, The General Manager of the company, a leading authority in the malting industry.

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